I have studied, watched, written, and been published for my observations regarding the media.  I create copy. I manage brands. I redirect struggling brands. I accelerate the growth of well developed brands. I work to discover commonality between the soul of a brand and the soul of the communities it serves. I believe this is how both function best. I have studied the ways in which the media create meaning and then how (and to what effect) those meanings have been encoded into American life. I have studied inequality – developing strong views regarding its existence within this country – but am a proud American veteran.  I love team sports. Increasingly that love is narrowing to football (soccer. I believe football connects to the world at large; creating a language and religion all its own. I  love life.  I love people. I love where I came from and I love where I’m going. When given an equal opportunity to chose pessimism or optimism, I have chosen optimism each time. I answer the question, “How you doing?” by saying, “Living and loving and loving that I’m living.”

What follows on this page is not a complete compendium of my thoughts or work. Instead, it’s a place to throw down an idea or two when this seems like the best venue for it.


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