21 DECEMBER 2012 : 0611 EST

Posted: December 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

A YouTube mini-film plot: A guy is terrified of the Mayan prophecy so he YOLOs hard for the last week of life. Gets closure on every past relationship. Gives his extra clothes to the homeless near his neighborhood. Forgives every wrong done to and by him. Takes that extra moment to tell everyone he knows just exactly why they are special to him. Goes through his FB photos and quietly remembers all of the moments, meanings, and memories captured. With stoic anticipation he organizes himself. Puts on his favorite clothes. Jams his headphones in. Blasts out some Ghostland Observatory as part of his End of Days mix. And walks outside gazing up at the trees, the rising sun, the sounds of the birds chirping, the quiet calm of the early morning. He arrives at a serene patch of grass in his yard with a clear view of the horizon and sits calmly with his legs underneath him. He looks at his G-Shock. It says 0610:55. We see both the time ticking off and the look on his face. As the watch ticks from 0610:55 to 0611 the camera captures just his face on the frame and in just that moment his eyebrows raise. Aaaaaaand scene. 


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