My Generation Starts Revolutions with RTs

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s come to my attention that we’re taking over. I’m 31 now so it’s just about that time for my generation to swoop into power and run things. Given that realization, I started to wonder about who we are. So I leave you with my thoughts on my generation:

My generation isn’t yours.
My generation doesn’t play baseball.
My generation doesn’t like to pay for things.
It’s not that we’re thieves, we just don’t have the same inane reverence for corporate trademarks that your generation did.
My generation starts revolutions with RTs.
My generation shops at all kinds of stores; Advertisers fear us.
My generation likes Urban Outfitters but we’ll also buy a shirt at Target if it looks cool.
My generation values substance.
My generation uses curse words for the same reason you use italics.
My generation eats less red meat.
My generation thinks constantly about going vegan; not because it’s cool but because it’s healthier.
My generation knows the value of a good bike ride.
My generation has a special place in its heart for the original Nintendo controller.
My generation tries all sorts of things and takes its time figuring out who it is.
We have a long term plan.
My generation apologizes for Hipsters; our bad.

My generation doesn’t understand war.
I mean we understand what it is, we just don’t understand why it is.

My generation loves ripping and remixing.
Your generation was all about appreciating the sanctity of a created piece,
My generation is all about living works of art that reflect the moment, this moment.

My generation voted for Obama.
My generation doesn’t understand why your generation cares about his religion.
My generation isn’t comfortable with his buddying up to big business but we’re calling him out on that.
My generation will live at home longer than any other generation.
We blame your generation for that (ruined economy, job market, and housing bubble).

My generation doesn’t think it’s ‘neat’ when someone speaks a language other than English.

My generation marries whomever the fuck it wants.

My generation knows how to party.
My generation knows how to get it done.
My generation knows how to text without looking.
My generation created Facebook, Twitter, and (basically) the whole Internet experience.
You’re welcome.

My generation will have children that won’t even understand why Obama being President was such a big deal.
My generation will be kinder to yours in old age than it seems.
My generation can still sing the theme song to Captain Planet.

My generation will deliver on the promise of yours.
Your generation marched, was shot at, and died for a cause.
Your generation then came into power and seemingly forgot about the cause.
My generation will not.

My generation’s got this.



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